RICHHILL is an “intelligent building” – a complex of high tech systems, a combination of engineering and technical solutions, aimed at cost-efficiency, high-performance, and meeting the needs of the building management system (Building Management Systems-BMS). This ensures the most effective maintenance of the building, as well as tracking the working capacity of all active systems – monitoring of lifts, remote reading of measuring devices, monitoring of the state of the diesel generator, as well as control of the air-conditioning chambers.

    RICHHILL offers a flexible and adaptable microenvironment thanks to the high-end building automation system SIEMENS, which allows automatic control of all systems – access control, video surveillance, lighting and blinds control, fire warning system, air conditioning and ventilation.

    To ensure the continuous working processes, RICHHILL has connectivity to two independent electric sub-stations, as well as additional redundancy to a diesel generator. RICHHILL offers optical Internet connectivity with a guaranteed high speed from two providers.

    The rental spaces are equipped with double floors and suspended ceilings. Openable windows for additional ventilation and comfort are built into the suspended facade. In addition to the standard bathrooms, server rooms and kitchenettes, there is an outside terrace for every office. The kitchenettes are flexible and can vary as the location and floor area. Some of the floors have larger terraces with natural landscaping. The optimal distance from the facade to the central communication core allows access of natural light to any point in the office.

    RICHHILL spaces reveal impressive views of Vitosha mountain and Sofia. The clean air and the beautiful mountain views bring “a breath of air” in the busy life of the workers. The panorama, which opens to the whole of Sofia, inspires creative processes and stimulates the flight of thought.

    In addition to the 348 parking spaces RICHHILL parking lot is equipped with AC charging stations with 22kW power for electrical vehicles. On the underground levels there are changing rooms with bathrooms for the employees with bicycles.


    A&A Architects was established in 2005 in Sofia by arch. Assen Milev and arch. Angel Zahariev as an innovative design bureau, offering a wide range of services of architectural und urban-living design.

    One of the key priorities for А & А is the individual approach to each project in full compliance to the specific demands, the local specificities and the environmental context.
    Important for the projects philosophy is the high care to environment protection and the strive after sustainable and balanced development.
    А & А Architects rely on a wide range of proven professionals in architecture and engineering design.

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