Better coffee at a different workplace

    Our Promise
    Not only to make coffee, nor just business, but also to be the ambassadors of coffee culture in Bulgaria. Because coffee isn’t just a drink. It is a kind of passion, an experience, art and religion to devote yourself to naturally and without many questions. Also, as it happens with love…
    The grain from which our history has sprouted is coffee, but the strength that drives it forward, are people. From lovers in coffee and connoisseurs, through the curious seekers of tastes and experience to temperate lovers and finally those who still do not know anything about coffee… They all deserve special coffee and atmosphere.
    From the start of the first bucket shop From Barista Coffee and More in Sofia. Today there are four cafés, one of which is in RichHill! Our mission is: to meet people and coffee in a special café-atmosphere in the city.
    We already have our own blend and single origin series, which we select ourselves, with experience and a lot of diligence. We roast the coffee on site, we prepare it by different methods and by the rules of the barista profession.


    Our baristas

    Nikolay Grigorov – Member and certified barista in “Specialty Coffee Association of Europe”. Coffee’s in Nikki’s heart and mind. It is a job, a pleasure and a passion to attract th more and more people. The last recognition for Nikolay is the award-winning espresso champion of Bulgaria for 2016 in the championship of the Italian National Coffee Institute.
    Roberto Petrov – Certified barista in “Specialty Coffee Association of Europe”. Robbie is a professional in the choice and baking of coffee beans. It has one of the most important tasks – always freshly roasted coffee.
    Stanislav Stoilov – Barista and manager, the motor of From Barista Coffee and More. Stanley has over 10 years of experience in the preparation of special coffee drinks. For him, the work is not only a pleasure, but also a way of life.


    Inmedio is the first brand of Lagardere Travel Retail in Bulgaria. Inmedio is a FMCG shop, offering fast moving consumer goods, a wide range of Bulgarian and international newspapers and books, tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, gifts, packaged food and drinks, coffee, souvenirs, sweepstakes, etc. The convenient concept of Inmedio is recognized all over the world, thanks to the cozy atmosphere, comfort and good service, which await every customer of the store.


    For the convenience of the tenants RichHill Business Center provides a 20-seat shuttle that runs from Business Park Metro station, Mladost 4 to the Business Center and back. The shuttle is on schedule, according to the working hours of the tenants – in the morning

    from 7:40 a.m. to 9:10 a.m.

    and in the evening

    from 4:40 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.

    in 15 minutes Intervals.